Increase Your Personal Tax Savings

Personal Tax Services

Whether you’re an employed professional, entrepreneur, or currently enjoying the retired life, our experienced tax advisors can develop a customized strategy to help you stay on top of your obligations to CRA. We can help you take advantage of tax credits available to you and even communicate with CRA on your behalf.

Our personal tax services include:

  • Personal income tax return and election preparation
  • Electronic filing
  • Calculating of tax liabilities and installments
  • Evaluating tax implications of certain decisions and events
  • Advising on income-splitting opportunities
  • Advising on loss utilization
  • Advising on tax deferral strategies

Our tax advisors have helped many clients enjoy significant tax savings. Even if you think you’ve covered everything, chances are EPR Coquitlam can help you save even more.

To help you get your tax records organized, try using our  Personal Tax Organizer