Succeed in the Global Marketplace

International Tax Services

Expanding your business internationally is an exciting endeavor with many important details to be considered. With our seasoned international tax advisors on your side, you can stay on top of regulations and leverage our expertise to make more informed business decisions. The EPR network of tax professionals spans the globe, including the USA, Asia and Europe, so you have access to a wealth of resources for conducting sound business transactions that cross borders, and seas.

International Tax Services for Businesses

Get the expertise you need to successfully expand your business outside Canada with help from EPR Coquitlam. We provide assistance with navigating foreign tax and regulatory requirements so you can take advantage of every opportunity for success in international markets. If you’re already conducting business outside of Canada, we can help ensure you’re meeting your obligations and saving money on taxes wherever possible.

International Tax Services for Non-Residents

If you are a non-resident and conduct business or own taxable property within our borders, we can help you meet your Canadian tax obligations to CRA.

These services for non-residents include:

  • Preparing and filing NR4, NR6 and Section 216 tax returns
  • Obtaining Clearance Certificates from CRA
  • Obtaining favourable results under Voluntary Disclosure rules for waiving CRA penalties

The global economy offers a world of opportunity for Canadian businesses. The experienced international tax advisors at EPR Coquitlam can help you abide by international regulations while maximizing your international profits.