Message from the Managing Partner, Ken Richardson

The fact that you’re referring to this page suggests you’re trying to get an idea of what to expect when you become one of our clients.

As professional accountants, we prepare financial statements, and offer standard tax compliance services, just as you’d expect.  But the real value to our clients is the important role we play as business advisors. Helping you grow your business and achieving your personal or business goals, is what really makes us tick. We put our 35 years of experience to work for every client. We go out of our way to learn about you, your needs, what keeps you awake at night, then set about developing strategies and solutions to help you get results.

We truly care about you and your family and in particular, the health and success of your business. As business advisors, we can be counted on to help you deal with key decisions – how do I grow my business? what are the inefficiencies in my organization? how do I get ahead of my competition?  what type of financing do I need, and who do I approach? how do I sell my business, and when? how can I protect my estate for my heirs?

As a result, our clients see us more as people “on their side of their desk” jointly working through difficult choices, preparing for tough decisions, and making the most of business opportunities. We’re proud to say that many of our clients have been nominated and earned awards as ‘Business of the Year’, ‘Top 40 Under 40’, and E&Y’s distinguished “Entrepreneur of the Year’. And we’ve been with them every step of the way. We’re committed to your success because...

We listen

We add Value

We innovate

We build relationships

We deliver with integrity

Simply put... We Make Your Business Better

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